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At the early age of five, Ruben Estevez began playing the piano and writing poetry in his hometown of Houston, Texas.  As he got older, his love for creative storytelling continued to evolve; and in 1995, Ruben decided to move to Nashville to pursue his passion for songwriting. 

Just two years later, he landed a publishing deal with Word Records, followed by a string of Contemporary Christian Music cuts.  In the Country Music genre, Ruben won the Grand Prize in The Music City Songwriter competition with his song "Lie."  In the summer of 2013, "Lie" was cut by Tracy Lawrence on his "Headlights, Taillights and Radios" album and became his third single in late February 2014.    

In early 2019, after an inspirational trip to New York City, Ruben put pen to paper in a different form.  He decided to write an entire musical based on his personal experiences growing up in the 70s and 80s in Texas, as a closeted gay man in an extremely homophobic culture.  ​One year later, he completed this work, titled Marcos, writing not only the music and lyrics of all the songs, but also the fictional libretto itself.  

Shortly after Marcos was finished, he began working on another fictional project about a young woman looking for a fresh start in a new town, who happens to buy an apartment that proves to be haunted.  This latest musical venture, titled HAUNT, is now complete and he’s looking forward to seeing both of these projects come to life on the stage.


Playwright Ruben Estevez
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